When to Throw Away Makeup: Knowing Beauty Expiration Dates

We all have been guilty of keeping makeup past their expiration date, but how do you know when that is? You probably spend a lot of money on beauty products, so it’s only natural wanting to stretch out the life span to feel that it was money well spent, but there dangers of of extending the shelf life is not worth it.

Once opened and used, the consistency of your makeup will change and can cause infections, skin irritation, and more due to bacteria forming over time. The products will not be as efficient to help you complete your desired look, so knowing when to call it quits is crucial.


Most may not know that most cosmetics contain a Period After Opening (PAO) label to indicate when to toss out that product because it typically is so tiny you would need a magnifying glass to view it. Labeling your products with the date it was opened is a helpful way to keep track of the expiration. If your products do not happen to have this label, here’s a general guide of when to throw out your cosmetics:

Mascara – 3-6 months (double dipping will shorten the shelf life)

Foundation – 6 months – 2 years (liquid foundation 6 months to a year and powder up to 2 years)

Eyeliner – 6 months – 1 year

Eyes shadow – 6 months – 2 years (cream shadows 6 months to a year and powder up to 2 years)

Lipstick – 2 years

Lip Gloss – 1 year

Concealer – 1 year

Lip & Eye Pencils – 2 years

Blush – 1 year

Do you throw out your cosmetics by the expiration date?



Websites That Will Help You Find the Best Foundation for Your Skin Tone

Shopping for foundation is like looking for the perfect pair of jeans – it is almost impossible! If you aren’t a beauty expert or don’t have enough patience to waltz into your local Sephora to peruse hundreds of options with an associate, there is still hope to find the perfect foundation for your skin tone within the comfort of your own home.

I recently ran out of my favorite foundation, Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation in shade 177, and found myself faced with a dilemma, do I pay $43 to replenish this foundation that has had my skin looking flawless over the years or opt for a drugstore option that won’t break the bank? I opted for the drugstore option, but had absolutely no clue which would match best with my yellow undertones and my complexion. This is where my investigative skills were put to the test and I discovered two websites that not only saved me time, but more importantly, money.

Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix is an online resource that will help match your current shade by entering the brand and shade you use. The Matrix tool will generate a list of other brands that will best match your shade for foundations and concealer. If you are new to the foundation game, Temptalia still has you covered. By selecting your undertone (the website details how to determine this) and skin tone, a comprehensive list of foundations and concealers are provided to help narrow down your search. The site also has many helpful features such as in depth reviews, tutorials, and beauty tips that will take the stress away from seeking new products.

Findation is a similar platform, but you have to enter two foundation brands that you have used for the best matches.  Findation has an extensive database of foundation colors including drugstore brands!

The next time you want to try a new foundation or concealer consider either site to help minimize your shopping woes.