5 Fashion Apps That Are Worth Downloading


Long gone are the days of having to go to a store to peruse through many racks only to be led to the longest line for the fitting room and to checkout. The beauty and ease of technology has made finding the perfect additions to your wardrobe seamless.  Get inspired and shop stress free with these apps!


Like To Know It

Ever wanted to easily shop the looks that your favorite influencers are posting on Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat? Well now you can with the Like to Know It app. Influencers tag various items on their images posted and Like to Know It provides the details to you via email and the app, so you can have all your favorite looks in one place!

The Hunt

It takes a village to help you be your best fashionable self and this app delivers an online community that can help you “hunt” down your favorite pieces.  By posting what you are seeking, your fellow members will chime in and let you know where to buy or where to shop similar looks.


Dubbed the “Tinder for shoes”, Stylect allows you to swipe right if you love it or swipe left if you hate it.  The app will make recommendations based on your preferences and will alert you if the product you loved went on sale.


All of your outfit of the day photos will not go to waste with this app. Designed to feature street style from across the globe, Stylekick curates a list of items that is reflective of your personal style.


This app is a perfect for bloggers as it allows you to create collages of different outfits for people to discover on the app and easily post to your blog. The app has a cool clipping tool that allows you to import items you are viewing on other sites into Polyvore, so you can have the convenience of having all of your favorites in one location.


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