The Best Places for a Tall Woman to Shop


Shopping can be a daunting task despite the fact that it can provide some of the best therapy. The biggest challenge is finding the right fit, and if you’re a tall woman like myself, longer inseams and hemlines aren’t that easy to come by. It can definitely take some time to find retailers or brands that cater to the taller gal, but don’t fret, here is a list to help guide you in the right direction.


Gap’s online tall shop offers selections for the woman 5’9″ and taller that ranges from 4T-16T. If you find that the tall line is a bit too long, Gap offers pants and jeans with a long inseam both online and in stores.


Express is another brand that is always on trend and has the lengthier woman in mind.  A definite go to if you are in need of a great pair of jeans for your wardrobe.

Nordstrom Rack

Ladies The Rack has a great selection of designer shoes at great prices that go up to a size 13. They also have shoes with wide widths up to a size 12.

Long Tall Sally

While you have to search to see if most retailers have a tall section, Long Tall Sally is a tall woman’s dream as the entire brand is dedicated to women with some extra length.  They boast a number of fabulous options (even shoes up to a size 15!) that are affordable and even offer students a 10% discount.


If you haven’t ordered anything from ASOS, you are missing out! Where else can you shop for pieces for every occasion at favorable price points where they they offer free returns, no sales tax, and students get a 10% discount? They have dedicated a portion of their site to us tall gals 5’9″ and over and it’s worth the visit.


What started out as a teen-targeted collection has expanded to be a women’s lifestyle brand that offers inseams up to 39″ and dress lengths up to 63″ as well as extended shoe sizes and plus sizes.

Old Navy

Like its parent company, Old Navy has a tall section (for women 5’10” and up) that is only online, but you can find bottoms with a long inseam in stores that also cater to the curvier woman. What is great about Old Navy is that they carry affordable options in the latest trends, so you can look fabulous on a budget.

Smash Shoes

Finding contemporary styles in shoes that are sized 10 & up is not an easy feat, but Smash Shoes provides an array of options for women who wear sizes 10-14 that will be sure to command attention.


Loft is perfect for the tall woman that is seeking work attire and the best part is that their clothes are extremely comfortable, which comes in handy on those late work days. They always have a promotion of at least 30% off their items so you can easily stock up on what you need by shopping their tall shop online.


Photo – “Saku_NYFW_February 12, 2017_106” by Mike Cicchetti is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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