“Trends” That Really Aren’t Trends

Don’t you just hate when a publication or fashion house has announced a new trend and you are looking at them with a side-eye because you’ve already seen it or perhaps already have it in your closet? Yes it has happened and will continue to happen, so when you are doing your Spring cleaning, think again about throwing certain clothing items away. The fashion industry tends to bring back old “trends” with an added twist (much like a lot of other industries, but in the words of Sweet Brown “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” well at least not right now anyway).

A lot of times, classic (or timeless) pieces or patterns are labeled as trends such as color blocking, high waisted jeans, floral print, and many others. If your favorite dress, shirt, etc. is not considered “in,” chances are you can still rock it (unless of course it is absolutely hideous, but you can exercise your better judgment on this one) and let your individuality shine through. Let’s explore a few of the classics that you should keep in your closet.


Animal Print

Wild Thing


Animal print is definitely a mainstay that has stood the test of time and can add flare to any look.  It’s also considered a neutral hence why it pretty much goes with anything. The options are endless from leopard to zebra print. If you tend to be the daring type, you can also mix prints for a bolder look but just be careful in how you do it!




Monochromatic Grey


Monochrome is just one of those looks that will never be out of season.  Everyone can date back to their childhood where they had to dress in one color from head to toe which shows its longevity and furthermore, that it will never go out of style. Monochrome can be fun by mixing complementary textures, wearing varying tones of a color, or sporting the classic two hues, black and white. It’s a great and easy go to option.






Military Chic Wear


Military wear is practical, so it’s no wonder why it consistently is a winner amongst many. It is also versatile, and with a few accessories can easily go from casual to chic like the options above. You don’t necessarily have to include camouflage to complete a military look. You can always opt for a minimalistic look in simply wearing military green from head to toe.


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