10 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil



When coconut oil comes to mind, most people think of cooking, but you do not need to consume it to reap the benefits of this multi-purpose oil.  Coconut oil is used in many beauty products and with good reason as it is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and of course it smells amazing! Let’s explore some of the many beauty uses for this essential oil…

  1. Makeup Remover –  Ran out of makeup remover? Don’t fret if you have coconut oil stashed away in your house! Apply a bit to a cotton ball or pad.  Once the oil soaks in, the makeup will melt away, and rinse your face with warm water. 
  2. Body Oil – Because of it’s solid texture, coconut oil’s creamy texture makes for the perfect moisturizer for your body. Simply rub coconut oil in hands to warm it up and slather all over. Its great scent will linger throughout the day. 
  3. Scalp Moisturizer – For those of you who have a dry scalp, coconut oil works wonders and also helps with dandruff. 
  4. Cuticle Oil – Rub the oil into your cuticles to loosen up cuticles which will make it easier to push back and remove.
  5. Makeup Brush Cleaner – Heat up your coconut oil for 30 seconds in the microwave and dip your brushes into the oil.  Coconut oil will protect and nourish the bristles while removing any grime. Rinse the brushes with water and voilà, they are as good as new!
  6. Lip Balm – Forget your EOS lip balm! Because it is a semisolid, coconut oil is perfect for those colder months when chapped lips are typically common. Just put some coconut oil in a small container and use it to moisturize your lips throughout the day!
  7. Body Scrub – DIY is the way to go! It’s not only natural, but also better for your skin. To create a moisturizing and exfoliating coconut scrub, add coconut oil with coconut sugar to achieve smoother and soft skin.  You can also add lavender oil.
  8. Under-eye Cream –  We all know that under our eyes is prone to fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.  Mixing coconut oil with vitamin E will serve as a great eye cream and will save you some money. This DIY eye cream will help remove under-eye puffiness as well as “bags, treats wrinkles, protects your skin, and is suitable for all skin types.
  9. Shaving Cream – Coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial and skin-soothing which makes for a great shaving cream option. It also helps with ingrown hairs an razor burns.  Either use it with no additional products or mix with shea butter, other oils such as almond, lavender, etc., and 2 teaspoons of castile soap.
  10. Cheekbone Highlighter – There’s nothing like a good highlighter to create a fresh glow! Coconut oil works as a natural highlighter when added on top of your makeup. It brings out your natural pigments and creates a rejuvenating look!


Photo – “Dầu dừa” by Phu Thinh Co is licensed under CC BY 2.0




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