10 Nail Designs You Must Try!

Getting your nails done is a great way to pamper yourself and to flaunt your style. With a myriad of options for nail designs, you can make a statement by jazzing up your nails with these fun nail designs!


Photo via brit.co


1. The color block mosaic can be created with mixing bold colors and glitter nail polish to add some spark!


Photo via Pinterest


2. The matte metallic French manicure is a perfect way to add some flair to a timeless nail look.


Photo via countryliving.com


3. It’s no longer Winter, but the sweater nail trend can still be worn throughout the Spring.


Photo via shortnaildesigns.net


4. A nautical theme for your nails is always the perfect look to get you excited for the beach.



pastel french mani
Photo via stylecaster.com


5. Add a twist to the classic French manicure with color blocking the tips for an eye-catching look!


Photo via nailks.net


6. If you thought your hair was the only thing that can sport an ombre, well guess again! The ombre nail design is definitely a head turner and will add a unique touch to your ensemble.


Photo via Pinterest


7. Rather than paint your nails solely with glitter, add glitter triangles and lines to create a distinctive finish.


Photo via trusper.com


8. Who knew wearing fruit could be so fun? The grapefruit nail design is creative and bold and will surely inspire all of your friends!


Photo via Pinterest


9. The velvet matte metallic finish is funky combination that will give you the spunk you need.


Photo via Tumblr


10. The negative space trend has become increasingly popular within the past couple of years and creates a fabulous minimalist but versatile look!


What are your favorite nail designs?

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